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Monday, 11 April 2011

The Day 'OUR' New Life Began....

12th November 2008
As you all know, when I was 18 I was going through a bit of a rebellious stage in my life and wasn't a happy person at all.  My mum had 'grounded' me from going on the computer; yes, 18 and not allowed on a computer and I didn't have a laptop of my own.  There was one day though that I had persuaded her to let me on for a while and she agreed.
I was messing about on a social networking site when I refreshed the page (oh yes, I shall give every bit of detail haha) when I saw this photo come up on the home page.  He was gorgeous!!! He had only joined the site from what I could see about half an hour before and it was me that was straight in there!!
I clicked on his profile and had a nosey before I commented on his photo.  These were my exact words... "Ohmygod. You're like proper phitt" (and spelt like that!)
I did that and didn't expect any reply but soon enough I got a notification...
"Thanks. You ain't so bad yourself love"
I was incredibly excited that he had replied and I wanted to chat more, so clicked on the 'send message' button and started writing a message asking if he fancied a chat.  He did and after about an hour of messaging each other I had been told to come off the computer.  Before I left, I messaged him once more asking if he fancied more of a chat he could text me... I messaged my number not expecting anything; but I was wrong.
I know it was a bit forward, but I'd enjoyed talking to him and for once sort of felt happy when we spoke and ten minutes later I had a text come through; from Scott! =D
Some point in December 2008
Me and Scott had been texting for a few weeks now and spoke for hours everyday, both by text and by him calling me.  His voice
(and this is going to sound soppy) actually made me weak at the knees :P He had the most amazing northern accent and never failed to put a smile on my face.  
Even though we hadn't met, we both realised we felt an instant connection when we spoke.  We'd talk on the phone from about 10pm until 6am when I had to get up for work.  I didn't care that I'd had no sleep.  I thought he was worth sleep deprivation, and still do!!
He rang me on Christmas morning to wish me a happy christmas at 7am even though he had only had a couple of hours sleep and we spoke all day via text.  I was happy just having someone to talk to.  Even his mum knew about me and had spoken to me on the phone on Christmas eve!!
That all changed on Boxing Day though.
 Scott hadn't really been texting me on boxing day so I hadn't expected any texts off him.  I didn't get clingy or anything but when he text me, all the sadness I had felt before we started talking came rushing back to me.  He had told me via text that he liked someone else and was going to give it a try with her as they lived closer than we did.  I know it sounds silly, but honestly that text I think sort of broke my heart?!  
We didn't talk again ='(
It was close to New Years Eve and all my friends wanted a party or something to celebrate but had nowhere to hold it.  I asked my mum and she said I could have one.  That night I had loads of people round my house for a party with a LOT of alcohol! It's safe to say I got very drunk to forget what an idiot I felt like.
New Year Passed and 7th January came
January 2009 came and I was concentrating on my job and planning my 19th.  I still had Scott's number on my phone,and on the 7th January I decided that I didn't want to keep it on my phone anymore so went to delete it.  Now this is where it gets weird!
As I went to delete the number, I got a text.  It was from Scott. 
He text and wanted to start talking again.  I was wary of talking to him again because I'd let him in to my 'life' very quickly.  We started texting again but not like it was before.  After a few weeks he told me that he had made a mistake on boxing day with that girl and couldn't believe he'd been as stupid as that.  I didn't realise what he was getting at until he asked me if I wanted to meet him.  I had started to trust him (as much as you can trust someone you've never met) and agreed.  We agreed that I would visit him for the weekend in Sheffield on 6th February 2009; one week after I turned 19.

The moment it turned midnight on 28th January I got a text from Scott.
"I love you Hayley. xx"
There was more to that text but that was the main part.  We had never met but he'd told me he loved me.  I knew I felt the same and replied which is when he phoned me and said it down the phone to me.  He didn't think I'd say it back but I did.
It was just one week until I was travelling to Sheffield and we were both excited but very nervous at the same time.
What if he wasn't who he says he is? (i'd seen him on webcam)
What if we don't like each other?

6th February 2009. 08:22am
I boarded the train from Shoebury at that time in the morning, starting my 5 hour journey to meet Scott.  I had been told by him and his friends that he was incredibly hyper and couldn't sit still knowing I was coming up.
Once on the train to Sheffield from London St Pancras, my stomach was doing somersaults.  He was texting me to help calm my nerves, but he was hyper still so it didn't really help.
When the announcement came over on the train that the next station was Sheffield, I pulled my make up out of my bag, touched my make up up, sorted out my hair, and got myself ready!
I stepped off the train and began that walk to the entrance where Scott would be.  My heart was pounding; my palms sweaty (sexy right!!) but I carried on walking.
I saw him.
He was just as I had seen and imagined.  I didn't and don't care that he's shorter than me.  He's absolutely gorgeous.  He had long black hair back then; stood there in his skull t-shirt and baggy jeans and leather jacket (i still remember).
As soon as he smiled at me with that smile I had seen on webcam, I forgot everything.  I was still very shy and froze when he hugged me but he let that go.  He took my bag from me and took my hand in his and we walked back through town as if we were the only 2 people there.
First Kiss
We arrived back at his student house :P and chatted and had a cuddle.  We hadn't kissed yet, but I wanted to.  I was too shy to make the first move but gave all the signs.  
Scott actually made me wait 3 hours before he kissed me, even though he knew I wanted to; but that kiss was worth the wait!!

That weekend we were inseperable.  I met his friends and a week later I met his mum and sister when I came back to visit him again.
It is now 2 years and 2 months later and we are still as inseperable as we were back then.
It took us a while to get where we are today with some hiccups along the way, but I wouldn't change a thing.  The things that have happened have made us stronger than ever and I cannot wait for our future together.
Anyway, thats the very long story of how we met =)

 May 2009

Halloween 2010
Our first holiday together. York, 2010


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