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Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's All About Me!!

Well where do I start? 
I'm 21, my name's Hayley and I'm living in Sheffield.  Sheffield has been my home for nearly 2 years now (18th April 2009) and I'm not going to lie, I've never been happier.
But before we get into that, I could start at the very beginning; with me being born on a Sunday afternoon on 28th January 1990 in Essex, the place where I would grow up for 19 years.  
I have 2 brothers; Mark and Ryan and come from a very large family.  28 cousins I believe there are, plus all the 2nd and 3rd cousins I have. 
I lived in Shoeburyness with my mum and brother for all those years and things were great until I turned 18 and realised I didn't want to be wrapped up in cotton wool anymore and wanted to 'explore' the world on my own! 
My mum seemed to be very protective of me and my brother (my other brother is only my half brother as my dad left when I was 2 and remarried a few years later) and never seemed to let us do what we wanted. I became very rebellious and went out of my way to 'disobey' everything she told me to do and that caused a lot of problems with our relationship! 
My dad was never around and didn't seem to bother with us and I think that was why I took it out on my mum, even though it wasn't her fault.  
Anyway, for 2 years me and my mum never spoke and if we did it was just to argue with each other, but now it's 3 years on and we get on better than we ever did and that is just because I moved away! 
On Friday 6th February 2009, I told my mum I was going away for the weekend to sort my head out.  I didn't say where I was going or if I was staying with anyone.  I just left.  That day was the day I travelled up to Sheffield to meet my 'future fiance'.  

I was terrified of travelling all that way on my own and realising nobody knew where I was or what I was doing, but I didn't seem to care about that.  I needed to get away from everything and this was how I was going to do it.  Me and Scott had been talking for a few months after we saw each others profile on a social networking site and we had finally plucked up the courage to meet.  (There were a few hiccups along the way running up to this meeting).  Walking along the platform and down the stairs at Sheffield Train Station seemed to be the longest walk I had ever made.  My stomach was doing somersaults and I think at one point I was even thinking I shouldn't have been doing that and leave, but my legs didn't stop and I carried on walking.  He was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs at the station, and immediately when I saw him I put any doubts I had behind me.  
It started with a very awkward hug when we met.  He went to hug me; I froze... You get the drift. Lol.
I stayed for the weekend with him and now over 2 years later, we are still as inseperable as we were back then.
Our first photo together <3

We had been together just 7 weeks   when we decided I should move to Sheffield with him.  He had come down to Southend for a week and knew how unhappy I was, but when I took him back to London St Pancras station to go back to Sheffield I was close to tears as I knew I wouldn't see him for at least 6 weeks because of work.  I kept making jokey comments about how I wanted to move up to Sheffield as I  missed him too much (which was true) and I'd be a lot happier up there, but he said nothing about it.  
I watched him get on the train and the train leave the station, so I walked back to the tube and started the journey back to my mothers, ready to cry.  That was until my phone vibrated and I recieved a text from him.
"Go back to your mum's. Pack your stuff. You're moving up here tonight xx"
:O I couldn't have got back there fast enough to pack, and when my mum realised what was happening, she put up a fight.  A good one too, I'll give her that.  
I packed 5 bags and a suitcase, fought with my mum before storming out the door, slamming it behind me and walking to the station to start a new life.
I arrived back in Sheffield at approximately 10:30pm on 18th April 2009 ready to start afresh.
Me and my mum didn't talk until I was nearly 20 because of how we left things. We talk now and have built our relationship back up.  We still have our moments but that's only because of how I left and what happened.
  It has now been nearly 2 years since I moved in with Scott and although we do have our ups and downs, like any couple; I couldn't imagine being any happier with anyone or in any other place.
*Scott proposed to me on 27th January 2011, the day before my 21st birthday and we are now  planning on getting married in 2014 or 2015*

 Me and Scott on my 21st Birthday <3

Well, that was a very long first blog... If you managed to stay awake and finish reading it then well done to you, if you didn't I don't blame you in the slighest!!!


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